I Hate my Bath – HGTV Show – Episode Called "Back to the Past"

According to Magnetic Productions the producers and creates of many of the HGTV shows including I Hate my Bath – The Builder Depot (well actually our other site Builders Depot Direct) will be showing Carrara Bianco 6×12″ Honed along with Carrara Bianco 1×2″ Herringbone honed and pencil trim on the second episode which is airing next Tuesday, September 20th at 10:30 pm Eastern/9:30 pm Central time on the DIY Network. The episode title is “Back to the Past.” (now available on Amazon here).

According to DIY networks website (on the 15th September):

“With the help of licensed contractor and host of I Hate My Bath Jeff Devlin, Noel and Kassina are renovating the master bath in their 1900s “city cabin.” From the funky layout to gaudy tiling and wallpaper, this bathroom needs a total gut job. With vintage lumber, old street pavers and repurposed plumbing, this bath is transformed into the perfect rustic retreat.”

We are all very excited and will be watching – please let us know what you think.

We watched it, awesome it is impressive to see your product on TV 🙂

If you want to skip it gets into our marble section at 7 mins and 40 seconds.

Below are pictures from the shows producer of the bathroom that they renovated. It is an amazing job, the tile we matched up perfectly. I like the way they show the mosaic being cut and you can quickly see in a shot that they had everything done on the mosaic side cut to size ready to go before applying it to the wall.

DIY Network Bianco Carrara1 DIY Network Carrara2 DIY Network Carrara3

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  1. i hate my bath! I redecorated m new bathroom in 2001. Now everything I watch on your show actually knocks out what I thought was a beautiful bathroom. I really need some ideas on what to do. I put in a corner jacuzzi for 2 a stall shower w/ ewww brass and a took out the second sink w/ a make-up space and the cheap tub. I need some help on how to update it .It is all tiled around the jacuzzi and I was thinking maybe just putting in some glass tiles in place of my flowered ones there is only about ten. and also getting rid of the step-up shower steps and putting in all glass surround What do you think of my ideas I am open to anything Thanks Dottie Pettit

    1. Thank you for your comments. I would always stick with a classic design. It never goes out of style and you need only ever remodel once. Carrara offers the most classic of all natural stone bathroom designs. The Carrara Bianco product used in this design was 160SF of 6×12″ Carrara Bianco Honed ($8SF), 20SF of Herringbone Bianco Honed and 20 Pencils Bianco Honed. The entire cost was about $1,500 in materials.

  2. I think I have the world’s ugliest bathroom. Can we enter photos to be considered for a bathroom makeover show?

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