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When trying to create an impressive look to your bathroom remodel it is always wise to use good quality materials and patterns. Anything is usually judged by the first appearance so you should ensure that each room in your home is appealing to the people who visit you and mostly to you as a person. The herringbone mosaic is one of the most used designs worldwide and yet in a bathroom provides an elegantly classic appearance. The design dates back to time and the Taj Mahal mausoleum in India’s Agra City is quite famous for the use of the herringbone design .Up to date the place receives a numerous number of tourists who come from every corner of the globe to see the eye-catching display art designs. This goes a long way to prove that this design was considered quite beautiful even centuries ago this has not changed because this design is still widely used and the results are always beautiful to any person.

The Carrara (Carrera) Bianco Herringbone 1×2” marble design is especially good when used on floors, the unending pattern give your floor a flowing smooth look. The design tends to look a bit wavy but just enough to give the continuity and this in itself is an attraction that is quite eye-catching and smooth. The design is usually perfect when done with the right type of tiles. You can choose one with darker shades on areas that tend to accumulate dirt at a fast rate and lighter shades in areas less prone to dirt. The honed type of marbles gives out exceptional results when used to create this design.

Use the Carrara (Carrera) 1×2” Herringbone Bianco marble mosaic tile design in your bathroom floors to give them a nice touch of sophistication and the design can also be used in the showers to grace the walls and also the floor. The design will come out nicely especially if the marble slabs used are not cut into very large pieces. They should be medium to a bit small but not tiny so as to give a nice woven look to your room.  If very large slabs are used then the herringbone design does not come out at its best.

The herringbone marble mosaic tile design may also be perfect for outdoor purposes but a thick type of marble material should be used here. It can be good for the patio or the way that leads directly to the house this creates and gives your home a welcoming touch. Herringbone as a design comes in a variety of colors and sizes and it is therefore up to any person interested in buying tiles of this design to look at their types in relevant websites before making any orders.

For Carrara Herringbone there is no greater choice than here we have polished and honed and Carrara Bianco Herringbone and Carrara Venato Herringbone.

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