Bianco Carrara 2" Hexagon Mosaic

Retail ShowroomBianco Carrara 2″ Hexagon Honed $11.25 a Square Foot is used in this NYC retail clothing showroom. But it just really goes to show how durable this product is, used in a retailer on 5th Avenue and many other cities around the USA.

Retailer use our MarbleFrom another angle but again our Bianco Carrara 2″ Hexagon Honed for $11.25 a Square Foot.

This picture is taken just as this NYC retailer opened. Their customers tare seeing incredible clothes on a floor that they believe is worth $50.00 a square foot or ...

Pictures from the Italian Factory

6x18%22 polished field TileNew pictures from the factory sent over from our European office on Friday 18th of December as they are closing for Christmas. This will ship out over the weekend of the 19th and 20th of December. Italy closes two weeks for Christmas.

This is 6×18″ Bianco Carrara you can see coming down the production line.  It is then loaded shipped and made available online in 6×18″ Honed and Polished. Also in the same quality is 6×12″ Honed at $8.00 a Square Foot  Honed in Polished.

Carrara Bianco 12×24" Honed – this just arrived!

Carrara Bianco C Grade Italian Marble

Pictures from Italy finished and packed.  Sometimes it is nice to see it from Italy on a sunny day.  This is just before it is wrapped up and sent on over.  This is the honed version of our 12×24″ also available in polished for $9.95 a square foot, for all the professionals out their they know that the tile is on white polystyrene boxes (really white), and you can see the base color of the “C” grade against it.  Do you see how perfect that is.  What an incredible lot.  How long will it last in stock? Not long 🙂

It is $9.95 a Square Foot if you can find ...

Carrara Bianco 1×4" Herringbone Polished Mosaic

Carrara Bianco 1x4With over 24 Herringbone Mosaic Tiles in our Herringbone collection, I had to take this iPhone picture as the crate was already halfway down and why it has sold so fast is understandable.

This 1×4″ Bianco Carrara Polished is one of those in the collection.  A 1×4″ is a different look 1×2″ has always been more traditional, the 1×3″ has taken off and looks great but the 1×4″ at $12.95 a Square Foot Carrara Bianco 1×4″ is a great addition and offers our designer customers a different look. As of Oct 13th 2015 we have over 1,000 Square Feet in Stock.

Beveled 3×6" Subway Tile (Mesh-Mosaic) Just Arrived! $8.95SF

Pallet of 3x6 Beveled Mosaic Tile

Apologies for the story journey here from Alpharetta, GA. But I have waited over a year for this product and quite excited!  First you have to cut off the straps, then lift of the lid and then you see this. Perfectly shrink wrapped boxes of beautiful Italian marble cut up and given a 9mm bevel and attached to a mesh. This is the first time seeing it in person (we see production pics from our European office). This is at the back of our warehouse so you can see the warehouse lights about 30/40FT in the air shining down on the shrink wrap.  First thing I notice is how well it is packed, perfect. The crate was made precisely for this product. It just looks pretty (so I wanted to share). Then through the window I can see the marble. It looks really good. We know the price is low, it is ...