Calacatta Gold Penny Rounds

Calacatta Pennyrounds

Part of our Italian Calacatta Gold Collection Penny Round Marble Mosaic pictured is Honed (or Matte finish) it is also available in Polished (or gloss) Finish.

I love that moment when you open new crates and see perfection. Not only just in the cut of the Penny rounds (which is amazing) but then the quality and then just $23.95 a Square Foot (as of Sept 2022…. probably $30.00 a Square Foot in 12 months…. inflation and a finite resource).

This grade is exported to be used in the most luxurious hotels in the world in a slab format, think bars, lobby’s, dramatic entrance on a massive scale. Huge blocks are cut and the largest importer from Italy of this marble (if you thought America you are wrong) is Saudi Arabia, the hotels the palaces the endless wealth of the oil rich nation is reflected in their love of luxury items.

The very best blocks are selected, from those the waste or smaller blocks they cannot use. The smaller blocks can be significant…. create decades of relationships with Italian suppliers to these palaces and we can get these perfect smaller blocks from that produce and cut shapes for mosaics from the best marble blocks in the world.

Calacatta Gold creating absolutely stunning bathrooms for over 2,000 Years…. and a product or bathroom will only increase in value overtime.

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