Dallas Suburb Classic Kitchen

Calacatta Gold 1x3" BacksplashPicture from Houzz.com which is okay because it is our Calacatta Gold 1×3″ Herringbone. Isn’t this backsplash and kitchen amazing!!

The page on Houzz.com goes into a lot more detail of the different products. The guys in the warehouse did a great job working with Carrie on selecting the lot. What I really love about our Calacatta Gold Collection and this is only true of ‘real’ Calacatta Gold first is is from the one and only last Calacatta quarry in the world (challenge the knowledge of your retailer ask them how many Calacatta Gold quarries are there? The answer is ONE…. be concerned if they do not know….gulp!!) secondly the standard we have set ourselves on the look we want.

The product is designed to not look too busy to have a reasonable amount of white (we are working with natural stone so words ‘reasonable’ translated into Italian is not easy) and then some bold veining within that to give some ‘impact’.

What I/we have never wanted is veining everywhere. It needs to be spread out. Would not suit everyone. This is how we believe Calacatta Gold mosaics should look.

The best part….. the pieces are designed to come off the mesh. So do not be afraid to move around a few pieces if you have too many busy pieces in one area remove them. Swap things around until you get the exact look you want.

Only you know the look you want. Create it.

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