Calacatta 3 Inch Hexagon Honed Mosaic

Calacatta HexagonCalacatta Hexagon 3″ Honed or Matte Mosaic Tile currently $17.95 a Square Foot and Free Shipping (prices subject to change…..apparently you have to write that).

Instagram has made the illusive room scenes far more available today. Our IG page is a great place to take a look at a few IG squares of great products and room scenes.

However sometimes you are just walking through the warehouse and see the final checks of a Calacatta marble order, making sure the honed is honed (simple stuff but we have a process to ensure orders are correct), the pencil and trims match and so does the field tile and you cannot resist sharing what I think is perfect Calacatta Gold.

Everyone will have their own opinion. It will vary. For me this is perfection. Not too busy just right with a nice white base. Wonderful looking marble and a great cut on the edges. This would be $49.95+ a Square Foot in a retailer. If you could actually get original Calacatta Gold there is only one quarry left in the world so you need to be buying in volume with cash up-front to even get access to this product. The quarry owner has the pick of who they choose to sell to. When they get it right and they do. It is a perfect marble choice. What a great looking tile.

Just wanted to share 🙂

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