Incredible White Oak Silver Cream Bathroom.

Bathroom 12x24 White Oak Silver Cream

White Oak Silver Cream 12×24″ Honed they paid $6.75 a Square Foot.

Ashen Gray White Oak Silver Cream

12×24″ Silver Cream and 2″ Hexagon mosaic for the shower, they also used the 4×12″ bullnose tile, 4×12″ subway tile and the baseboard.

This is where having a 60,000 Square Foot Pick and Pack facility along with millions of square feet of stock backed up in Atlanta comes into play.

We can with this space and number of lots “Match up”. We create the look, go back and look at lot arrival dates on shipping documents. Create a look as if it was almost cut from one block. (Which is may well have been). But we certainly match up to create that look.

This cannot be done on a “Click and Ship” Website. No one at….  “” or “” can  put together. It will just ship. You will get whatever the minimum wage employee pulls off the shelf. He has not been trained in veining. Marble. How there is vein cut, flower cut, shade variation and so on. It will just be taken from the closest box. It has to most are being tracked by a system that tells them to ship so many orders a day. Not take time matching lots.

Bathrooms. Backsplashes. Working with marble and tile that is where we shine. What we have done for over two decades and we are good at it. It cannot be “Big Boxed (come from a mega-store)”. It must be “selected carefully”. Living stone. To create one of a kind bathrooms. Yes…. we are a little eccentric and OCD when it comes to this. Because we really do care.

I think our reviews show that. We are the highest ranked online stone and tile wholesaler, distributor, retailer (call us what you will – I am not sure we fit in any bucket anymore) in the USA.

Looking for a perfect marble bathroom, Carrara, Calacatta, Nero Marquina, Silver Cream, White Oak (also called Ashen Gray) – this marble has a lot of names so companies can justify the higher price points. I do not think a name allows you to charge 3x the price, that is a too high overhead issue their company has and they need your help paying for it. Not a product issue.

To save. Please email us, call or use the chat. We are here to help. Happy to send pictures before it ships. We would always rather not ship an order. Than simply ship an order and a customer be unhappy…. if that makes sense. Communication is the key. We can send pictures, you can order samples. We can work together to save you a lot of money on the product and get you the product you want!! Mind reading we cannot do, not yet…. trying 🙂

White Oak Silver Cream Ashen Gray Baseboard

Silver Cream White Oak Baseboard – picture taken as a screenshot from our website.

12x24" Silver Cream Ashen Gray Silver Cloud Tile

Marble Tile 12×24″ White Oak Silver Cream Picture taken as a screenshot from our website.

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