Christmas is coming! Which impacts shipping….and us…

Merry Christmas EveryonePlease note UPS and all Freight companies are also closed Friday Christmas Eve. As we cannot ship anything we are also closed.

It does become a difficult time in December. Shipping times are more exact to the rules of UPS. Which is not what we have been used to. I have seen shipments get to the customer on the West Coast in 3 days.  December and weather it will be 5 days, maybe longer.  UPS has a weather clause (every shipping has an everything clause, just no Santa Clause).

Everyone that works here full time is a parent. They want to see their Childs Christmas play. They will never get to see their child do a 3rd or 4th grade Christmas play ever again (you do not get do life over again), you cannot go back in time when you are 50 and they are grown up and have money. Reflect and think perhaps I should have gone.

So we need to let them go.  Product will be shipped.  UPS will have holidays too and we cannot do anything about that.  UPS will run slower as they get busier it was the same as last year. So please plan ahead.

Again Plan ahead. Place the order and say please ship December 10th.  Or say ship on the 2nd of December.  Please do not say, ship now (at 7pm PST) to arrive tomorrow in CA and then be annoyed when it does not happen, there are ways to speed things up and you can read that on FAQ#13 (but that usually only shaves off a day).

Please note: It is on sale now. It has been on sale all year, it could have been ordered in November and stored near you.  We just are trying to avoid any Christmas disappointment, by doing our best to encourage people to plan.

Planning ahead is the key.  Do not let someone contractor or otherwise tell you otherwise.  It is. The product can sit in a garage waiting for the moment it needs to be used.  What it cannot do is board a plane.  This year I am hoping it will be different. We are putting a flyer in samples.  We are letting people know. UPS is impacted by the Christmas season and seasonal part-time workers.  Other freight  can companies fall apart at least we use the very best UPS freight, but they still need your planning.

So if you have read this far, then you deserve something extra. There is a song from England that everyone grew up with from 1985 and onwards.  My kids now 6 and 11 have loved it for years.

It is Shakin’ StevensMerry Christmas Everyone” here is the link.

Or direct to You Tunes. (I am no expert at iTunes, I suggest asking a 6-7th grader if you are like me).

You may have to do a little research. But the lyrics are pretty much: “Snow is falling, all around us, children playing having fun it’s the season love and understanding Merry Christmas everyone“.

He never made it to the USA as an 80s artist. But this song was a great a one hit Christmas wonder. Two weeks at #1 in 1985. But rereleased every now and again and played constantly at Drive Time in the UK, to put British drivers in a good mood.  The song will cost $1.00.  So here is my offer: from December 1st to 20th of December at 12pm, if you purchase $750.00 or more and do not like the song, email us at (along with your order number) and we will refund the $1.00. (I may regret this, you must submit the email before December 20th not in June or July or Christmas Day.  Please take this in the spirit that it is meant, just trying to offer people a great song for their morning, evening drive, not start a revolution.)

Shakin Stevens Merry Christmas Everyone

I apologize in advance for this song going around and around in your head for hours and hours 🙂

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