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Black Friday

Sorry!  It is not going to load. It is a Gimmick 🙂 We always sell at the best possible price everyday, not just on one day of the Year. I am going to have to Wikipedia who came up with this Black Friday malarkey.

Our Business is always, always going to stick to the principles in our about us section, do more with less and put customers, quality before profit.  We are not a corporation owned by the stock market that will have not have to publish it’s Black Friday sales numbers of CNBC or Fox Business.  Like so many are forced to do today to keep their share price up.

All about the stock price (which brings me to the separate conflict, the job of the big store CEO of a public company is to maximize profit, by law.  So how does he actually help the consumer who buys from him?  Is it the customer or the profit that comes first, legally? Another one to look up when I have time, sorry I digress, but this came up, I found a metal mosaic at a ‘Big Box store’ they said it covered 12×12 one square foot, it actually does not (in another post, I will show this, cut it up and explain – how exciting) they took off a row making it 0.8333SF to the sheet thus increasing profit.

This is most likely not the Big box store that they have not checked, they do not buy it, they are buying from a distributor who has probably been squeezed and squeezed, you can only give so much, before…. so now we are talking to a factory having the row put back on and will import it direct.

(That removes a step in the supply chain, more efficiency = better prices for the customer).

Ours will be here in January. You buy a square foot you get a square foot!

(This just annoyed me, I could imagine my parents measuring and coming up short and thinking, I am sure I measured right and then order more which may or may not now be in stock.)

So while it is Yippee!!!!  Happy Friday to everyone!  It will never be Black Friday it will always be the best deal we can every day – simple. I hope that helps people understand why we do not participate. All year we put the best foot forwards.  My question would be “if they can offer these prices on Friday, why not all year?”

Right or Wrong?  Let me us know and sorry to waffle on… Happy Friday!

* Please note I decided not to mention the company in questions name, even though I will demonstrate this to be correct it todays world, we will still be sued. And that will cost. And that is what we avoid.

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