White Oak Silver Cloud Marble and its Features

White Oak Silver Cream Marble

We have the largest matching collection of White Oak, Silver Cloud – call it what you will this oak looking marble in North America. Our 2″ Hexagon is $11.75 a Square Foot available in Honed.

White Oak Silver Cream Hexagon

We are the only company in the USA to carry Thresholds in the White Oak collection. So looking for one, you have a choice of just one company. When we bring in a product, we want customers to be able to complete their bathroom.  We have baseboard and Chair rail.

White Oak Silver Cream Hexagon and 3x6

Here is just another picture. I am just trying to show that the black veining is a normal feature whether in 3×6″, 2×4″, 2″ Hexagon, Herringbone, Baseboard or Threshold in the entire quarry. It is indicative of this stone.

Carrara Bianco 16x16" Tile

Carrara Bianco another marble. This has “cracks” as well, you can see them running along the stone. This is called veining. Just as it is in the white oak. This is common in Marble products.

There is a lot of clouding (he…he) confusion surrounding the White Oak Marble. It is called many names by every retailers, Silver Cloud, White Oak Cloud, Silver Cream Limestone and so on and on which really does not help the consumer. There is no real branded name for it again no help there either. What the product is, is a vein cut marble. When cut along the vein it gives a look of an almost oak appearance and with this stone is vertical black veining spastically throughout the stone.

Its debut was planned for 2007 but with 2008 it was pushed back to 2013. It is the same product that covers the entire St. Regis in Bal Harbor (you can look up the bathrooms online), in their reception and hallways. It is incredibly durable and commercial graded (hence the hotel).

One of its features as with all marble is veining. It has the long veins create by the process of the vein cut. But it also has back veins throughout the block. This is the same with almost every marble. Otherwise it is “featureless”.

So note your white oak with have black veining. Your reaction as you have probably not been to the quarry will be to think “my goodness,this is a problem, it will leak”.  Correct, it will leak. All marble is porous. All!  That is how streams and rivers are formed, snow melts on top of Carrara mountains (or other marble and limestone rocks) and runs down through the marble and creates streams.

That is why Sealers were invented. DuPont for example has one called bullet proof.  So they have you covered (literally).

But it is important to note the black veining (I will call it what the professionals do) is normal, this is the marble, the stone. It cannot be removed. You either like it, accept it or do not like it. So if you do not. Do not buy it, it is that candid and simple I am afraid!  We cannot change what was formed millions of years ago, neither would we want to.

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