4 thoughts on “Venato Carrara 12×12" and 6×12" Marble Tile ($7.00SF)”

  1. Do you offer the 8×16 format in the Venato (as you do in the Bianco?) I have a 48″ square shower… so with the minimum “3 tile rule” that is the size that I need. Thanks

    1. We are not certain at this point, it is either going to be 8×16″ or 9×18″. What is certain is that we are going to adding additional field tile sizes including: 4×8″, 3×9″. 4×12″, 9×18″ or 8×16″, 24×24″.

      We are bringing in certain sizes on special order. For example next month we are brining in 180SF of 9×18″ for a specific customer. We can make any size to order (just a minimum of 180SF is needed). Thank you for visiting our blog.

  2. Does Carrara Veneto also come in polished 12×12 ich squares as well as honed. We wanted to use the honed on the shower floor and the polished everywhere else–is there any color difference? Thanks for your reply….

    1. Hi Harriet,

      Yes, all our products come in Honed and polished. If you go onto the Venato page (I know it has a lot of SKU’s) there are two items the same, one is Honed and one is Polished. Carrara Venato collection can be found here.

      There is no color difference between honed and polished.

      The FAQ’s are really helpful, Question #10 has some detail on the two finishes, as well as many other answers: https://thebuilderdepot.wordpress.com/faq/

      Any questions please let us know.
      Thank you The Builder Depot.

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