Carrara Flower Mosaics (New products for 2014)

Flower Carrara Mosaic - smallCarrara Flower Black Dot

Flower Carrara Mosaic Gray Dot - smallCarrara Flower Pistachio Dot

Not yet in stock and there is a possibility that it never will be.  At The Builder Depot we are constantly reviewing and creating new Carrara mosaics.  We have the largest collection of Carrara mosaics in North America and plan to keep it that way.  The way we can do that is to keep coming up with new ideas and designs.

We like this design, but it is probably more of an accent piece than a mosaic for a bathroom floor.  Questions or comments please send us an email

3 thoughts on “Carrara Flower Mosaics (New products for 2014)”

    1. I know. I am sorry. I loved it too. But we can only bring in so many products. We already have the largest supply of Carrara in North America and the only company with two Carrara collections totaling over 300 different products. We will get this flower design in. But it will be around December 2014.

      The market research showed that people would only ever use it for a small picture insert over a stove. So each order size would be around six square feet. So given that you can imagine managements reluctance to dive into what is considered a slow mover. I do not think it is really a big bathroom design product, but I could be wrong. I would like to see the grout lines tightened up a bit.

      We have a large R&D department and their job is to come up with mosaics and designs. What a cool job. Partly for the consumer and partly for the staff, we love to vote on which will be the #1 mosaic and then see who wins.

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